Get ready for Ag Month!

Get ready for Ag Month!
Sep 27, 2018

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Saskatchewan proclaims October as Agriculture Month

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer

Saskatchewan farmers are encouraged to partake in activities throughout October to help the public learn more about the ag industry.

Agriculture Month’s theme this year will be “Our Food Has a Story,” a Government of Saskatchewan release said yesterday. 

Producers can share their stories and experiences with the public to help them learn how food goes from farm gates to dinner plates.

“Agriculture Month provides an opportunity for producers to show their passion for producing sustainable, healthy and affordable food,” David Marit, Sask.’s ag minister, said in the release.

“By connecting with consumers about what we do, and why we do it, farmers and ranchers are building public trust and that is an important part of our industry in Saskatchewan.”

Industry group such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan, Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan and Ag More Than Ever are working together to promote Agriculture Month and inform the public about modern ag practices.

These groups will focus discussions on such topics as health and nutrition, affordability, food safety and sustainability, the release said.

“I’m always excited when Agriculture Month rolls around as it gives everyone an opportunity to talk about food and farming,” Erwin Hanley, Farm and Food Care Saskatchewan chair, said in the release.

“Consumers want to know more about how their food is grown. The engaging stories, videos and pictures that are shared during the month of October aim to highlight food in this great province.”

For more information on events throughout the month and how to participate, check out this link.

Producers and the public can use the hashtags #OurFoodHasAStory and #AgMonth18 to share their stories on social media. 

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