Farmland Rental Rates Align with Value Increases

Farmland Rental Rates Align with Value Increases
Apr 22, 2024

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) recently conducted an analysis illustrating that farmland rental rates are closely aligned with the appreciating values of farmland across Canada. The study analyzed the rent-to-price ratio for cultivated farmland, which reflects the relationship between cash rental rates and farmland values.  

A stable or increasing ratio suggests that rental rates are either keeping pace or rising faster than land values, an important factor for both current farmers and new entrants considering the financial aspects of farming. 

In 2023, the national rent-to-price ratio was reported at 2.52%, showing minimal change from the previous year, indicating a continued alignment between rental rates and farmland values.  

This ratio is particularly significant in regions like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec, which recorded the highest increases in farmland values along with a corresponding rise in rental rates. 

J.P. Gervais, FCC's chief economist, highlighted the importance of renting as a strategic option amidst rising land values and interest rates. Renting allows new and expanding farmers to avoid the heavy upfront costs associated with purchasing land.  

The detailed provincial breakdown provided by FCC shows variations across different regions, with some areas like Ontario and select Atlantic provinces experiencing slower growth in rental rates compared to land value appreciation. 

FCC's insights aim to assist those in the agriculture sector by providing economic knowledge and forecasts to help them make informed decisions regarding land management.  

This guidance is crucial for producers evaluating the trade-offs between renting and purchasing land, considering factors like cash flow, financing options, and long-term growth potential. 

For more information and to access the full analysis, visit FCC Economics at

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