Farm show showcases sustainable future with carbon

Farm show showcases sustainable future with carbon
Jun 24, 2024

Regina farm show partners with carbon RX to support sustainable practices


Canada's Farm Show Regina, SK, presented by Viterra, partnered with Carbon RX Inc. to offset a portion of its carbon footprint for the "Advancements in Agriculture" event for Xact Agriculture.

This event aimed to showcase advancements in agricultural technology through a panel discussion and a preview of Xact Agriculture's soil fertility tool.

The Farm Show purchased carbon credits generated from Saskatchewan farms and a First Nation using Xact Agriculture's tool as a Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) mechanism. These credits demonstrate the effectiveness of regenerative agriculture practices in capturing carbon.

"We are excited to work with Carbon RX on this initiative," stated Roberta Engel, Acting President and CEO of Regina Exhibition Association Ltd. (REAL). "Canada's Farm Show Regina, Saskatchewan is committed to finding new ways to innovate, and this supports that vision."

This initiative highlights the potential of Xact Agriculture's tool not only for enhancing soil fertility but also for carbon sequestration efforts. Robert Friesen, President of Xact Agriculture, said, "Our Xact tool is designed to improve soil health and productivity, and this event demonstrates how it supports sustainable farming practices."

The carbon credits were sourced through the voluntary market, reflecting the growing trend of businesses supporting environmental sustainability. This initiative paves the way for broader participation of Western Canadian farmers in the carbon markets, previously hindered by high data acquisition costs.