CN disposes of spilled grain

CN disposes of spilled grain
Apr 11, 2023

The spilled grain became mixed with soil and other materials

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Following the derailment of a Canadian National (CN) train carrying grain in Alberta, asked CN about the cleanup process and what happens to the spilled grain.

The derailment occurred on April 5 near Wye Road and Range Roads 213 and 214 east of Sherwood Park, Alta.

Seventeen cars derailed.

For context, one jumbo covered CN hopper car can carry up to 103 tonnes – or approximately 3,784 bushels of wheat. Or roughly 4,541 bushels of canola.

CN sent investigators to the scene following the incident, said Julien Bédard, a media relations advisor with CN.

“CN’s environmental team assesses the situation and chooses the best way of action to ensure minimal impact on the receiving environment,” he told in an email.

The environmental team’s work concluded the spilled grain got mixed with other materials.

Therefore, the grain had to be disposed of, Bédard said.

“The grain at the derailment site got mixed with ballast rock (stone material used in railroad construction), metals, soil, vegetation, other debris and moisture. It will be disposed of at a permitted landfill facility.” also asked if CN would cover any additional costs associated with the spilled grain.

That question went unanswered.

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