Delays in greenhouse gas model update stir farmer debate

Mar 06, 2024


The agricultural sector is currently abuzz with discussions on the Biden administration's announcement to delay the update of the Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Technologies (GREET) model. This decision has led to mixed feelings among farmers, with some expressing disappointment and others adopting a wait-and-see attitude. 

Dan Wesley, a farmer from eastern Nebraska, shared his disillusionment with the delay, viewing it as another test of patience from the administration. The expectation was for the GREET model, crucial for determining ethanol's place in sustainable aviation fuel, to be finalized by March 1. The deadline passed without any update, leaving many farmers in limbo. 

The administration's caution, encapsulated in the advice to "measure twice and cut once," offers little solace to those worried about the potential implications for ethanol. This sentiment reflects a broader concern within the farming community about the future of agricultural practices, sustainability, and energy policy. 

As the debate continues, the agricultural sector remains on edge, awaiting a decision that could significantly impact the industry's direction. The delay in the GREET model update serves as a reminder of the complex interplay between agriculture, environmental policy, and the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

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