Delaware Farm Bureau promotes farm safety through annual conference

Jun 11, 2024


Since 2017, the Delaware Farm Bureau's Promotion and Education (P&E) Committee has hosted a yearly Ag Safety Conference. This event has grown significantly, addressing various safety concerns relevant to agriculture and rural life.

Originally focused on road safety when sharing the road with farm machinery, the conference now covers a wider range of topics.

Attendees learn about safe handling and maintenance of machinery, grain bin safety, ladder safety, ATV operation, fall protection, mental and physical health, and more.

"Farm safety goes beyond pamphlets and posters," emphasizes June Unruh, chair of the Delaware Farm Bureau's Ag Safety Subcommittee. "It's an everyday practice, a core value we integrate into our lives. Consistency is key; accidents happen when safety is neglected."

The 2023 conference featured a panel discussion where farmers shared personal experiences, challenges, and valuable lessons learned regarding farm safety. The emphasis was on prioritizing caution and taking the time to do things correctly to prevent accidents.

Beyond knowledge sharing, the conference fosters connections between farmers and urban attendees. New community partnerships have emerged, expanding event offerings and reaching a wider audience.

The Delaware P&E Committee plans to continue expanding the Ag Safety Conference while advocating for safe agricultural practices year-round.

Their dedication to farm safety was recently recognized with a 2024 New Horizon Award from the American Farm Bureau Federation.

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