Court upholds biofuel blending requirements for refiners

May 16, 2024


A recent court decision upholds the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) biofuel blending mandates for oil refiners. These mandates set the number of biofuels that must be blended into the nation's fuel supply. The ruling applies to the years 2020 through 2022.

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program requires oil refiners to blend billions of gallons of biofuels into gasoline or purchase credits (RINs) from those who do. Previously, small refiners facing financial hardship from the mandates could apply for exemptions.

In 2022, the EPA set blending mandates of 20.63 billion gallons, with retroactive mandates of 18.84 billion gallons for 2021 and 17.13 billion gallons for 2020. Oil refiners challenged these levels as excessive, while cellulosic biofuel producers argued for higher standards for their product.

The court, however, found the EPA acted lawfully in setting the blending requirements. This decision ensures a continued presence of biofuels in the fuel mix, potentially impacting both energy sources and the environment.

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