Control Your Rate with Precision Planting’s SymphonyNozzle

Control Your Rate with Precision Planting’s SymphonyNozzle
May 16, 2024

Individual Control of Rate and Pressure While Spraying

By Ryan Ridley

It is sometimes difficult to keep track of the innovation coming from Precision Planting. 

The company is consistently releasing retrofit technology for you to maximize the performance on your farm without such a large investment. 

One of those technologies is SymphonyNozzle. 

Aaron Herrmann, a research agronomist with Precision Planting, recently showed us the capabilities of this system, emphasizing its potential to enhance rate control, particularly when maneuvering turns during applications. 

Traditional spraying systems often struggle with rate consistency, especially on the outer sections of the boom during turns. 

“We know the outside boom section is going to drop to sometimes half a rate because we're not changing the pump speed and that boom's traveling faster,” says Herrmann. “And so with individual nozzle control, that SymphonyNozzle gets us, it helps us achieve that consistent rate on every single acre and also consistent pressure.” 

As Herrmann explains, one of the most notable features of the SymphonyNozzle is its ability to maintain consistent pressure and rate even as the sprayer speeds up or slows down via its individual nozzle control. 

This allows for precise management of application rates without the need to adjust the standard rate controller—making your costs go down and beefing up your profit margin. 

The SymphonyNozzle system also offers a wider operational speed range, meaning you can use the same tip and achieve optimal spraying speeds without having to modify pressure settings or application rates.  

This adaptability not only improves efficiency but also allows for uninterrupted spraying across various field conditions, including waterways, with pre-set boundaries in the 20|20 monitor. 

The system's design includes a module for every four nozzles, managing the solenoids that control the pulsing of the nozzles. This pulsing adjusts the open times of the nozzles to maintain accurate flow rates.  

Moreover, the SymphonyNozzle is engineered to be easily retrofitted onto any existing sprayer, making it an accessible upgrade for most farming operations. 

Looking ahead, Precision Planting is also developing advanced camera technology that will further enhance the Symphony system by enabling targeted spraying and on-the-fly scouting capabilities. 

This forthcoming technology promises to guide sprayers with even greater accuracy, reducing waste and improving crop management. 

Watch the below video to learn more about the SymphonyNozzle by Precision Planting. 

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