Close Up - Great Plains PL5905 Planter

Close Up - Great Plains PL5905 Planter
May 06, 2024

Brand-New 60 Foot Planter Added to Lineup

By Ryan Ridley

There’s a new planter on the market. recently spoke with Doug Jennings, Product Manager at Great Plains, to update us on its recently unveiled PL5905 60-foot planter. 

This new model is equipped with advanced features and an improved design aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency on the farm. 

Planting windows are getting tighter and tighter… being able to stay in the field is more important than ever. 

One of the standout features of the PL5905 is its substantial hopper capacity. The planter comes equipped with two 82-bushel hoppers, allowing you to stay in the field longer and eliminating the need for frequent refills.  

The PL5905 is adaptable to various planting conditions. It offers configurations for both 30-inch and 15-inch rows, making it versatile for different crop requirements. The robustness of the planter is evident in its new row unit design—the 05 Series.  

This includes heavier parallel arms and larger pivot bushings, which are crucial for durability, especially in challenging no-till farming conditions. 

Further enhancing the planter's capability is the dual fan system. This new addition differentiates the PL5905 from previous models. 

One fan is dedicated to seed delivery, while the other manages meter pressure, ensuring precise seed placement with the Air-Pro meter.  

The seed tube design of the PL5905 has been engineered with more curvature, allowing for increased seed speed delivery while maintaining simplicity in the mechanism. 

For soil closure after seed delivery, the PL5905 offers a wide variety of closing wheel options. These include the 1”x12” double V, wedge wheels, spider wheel options and more, providing flexibility to match the specific soil conditions on your farm and ensure the best possible seed-to-soil contact. 

With its robust design, enhanced features, and adaptability to various farming conditions, the PL5905 sets a new planting equipment standard.  

Jennings chats more about the new planter in the below video. 

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