CattleCon24 - Showcasing excellence in Beef industry achievements

Feb 05, 2024


CattleCon24, the premier event for beef enthusiasts, recently concluded in Orlando, Florida. This dynamic gathering celebrated the remarkable contributions of individuals dedicated to advancing the beef industry. From environmental stewardship to education, attendees witnessed a tapestry of excellence. 

Here are the highlights: 

  1. Environmental Stewardship Award Program (ESAP): 

  • Regional champions from across the country were lauded for their exceptional stewardship practices. 

  • Farms like Tuck Farms (Virginia), JB Ranch (Florida), and G Bar C Ranch (Texas) stood out for their commitment to conservation. 

  • ESAP, supported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service and the National Cattlemen’s Foundation, recognizes those who safeguard our land. 

  1. Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Awards: 

  • These awards celebrate high-quality animal care. 

  • VanWinkle Ranch (Cow-Calf Award), Dotterer Dairy (Dairy FARM Award), Adams Land & Cattle (Feedyard Award), Dr. John Wenzel (Educator Award), and Power Genetics (Marketer Award) were among the distinguished recipients. 

  • BQA Awards, sponsored by Cargill, promote best practices in beef production. 

  1. W.D. Farr Scholarships: 

  • Megan Eckhardt and Jaime Luke received prestigious $15,000 scholarships. 

  • Their academic achievements and dedication to the beef industry earned them this honor. 

  1. CME Group Beef Industry Scholarships: 

  • Ten bright students, including Grace Anderson and Bryce Hoeltzel, were awarded $1,500 scholarships. 

  • These scholarships nurture future leaders who will shape the beef industry. 

  1. Masters of Beef Advocacy Program Advocate of the Year: 

  • Allison Fender, a passionate advocate, received this accolade. 

  • Her tireless efforts in connecting with consumers and promoting beef exemplify excellence. 

  1. Trailblazers Program: 

  • Ten rising stars were identified as elite advocates. 

  • These trailblazers, hailing from Texas, Montana, Washington, California, Missouri, Kentucky, and New York, represent the next generation of beef leaders. 

CattleCon24 reaffirmed that the heart of the beef industry beats with passion, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability 

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