Canadians want local dairy, eggs, and poultry

Jun 14, 2024

Survey reveals Canadians prefer domestic food supply


A new survey by Abacus Data found that most Canadians want to buy dairy, eggs, chicken, and turkey that come from Canada.  

The survey talked to 2,000 adults across the country and showed that 89% think it's important to buy these foods locally, with 38% saying it's very important. This feeling is shared by people from all backgrounds and political views, especially those with lower incomes. 

97% of Canadians believe it's very important to have strong local food supply chains. This means they want to make sure there is enough food produced in Canada to meet their needs throughout the year.  

More than half of the people surveyed (53%) said this is extremely important, especially older Canadians and those with lower incomes. 

The survey also showed that 94% of Canadians care about food coming from farms with strict safety and animal care rules. Nearly half (44%) said this is extremely important.  

This concern is shared by Canadians all over the country, no matter their age or political beliefs, with women, older Canadians, and people in Atlantic Canada feeling the strongest about it. 

When asked about food made under Canada's supply management system, 94% of Canadians think it's a good thing. This system has strict rules for food safety and how animals are treated.  

People from different political parties, Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP, all support this system and trust that it keeps their food safe. 

The survey shows that Canadians trust their farmers, with 92% saying they feel good about the safety and care standards for dairy, chicken, turkey, and eggs because of supply management.  

Almost all Canadians (94%) prefer their dairy, eggs, chicken, and turkey to be produced locally in Canada under this system. 

Canadians care a lot about having a strong, local food supply. They want to make sure they can get safe, locally produced dairy, eggs, chicken, and turkey.  

They trust the supply management system in Canada and believe it helps ensure high standards for food safety and animal care. 

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