Bourgault's New 3725 QDA ParaLink - Quick Depth Adjust Coulter Drill

Bourgault's New 3725 QDA ParaLink - Quick Depth Adjust Coulter Drill
May 15, 2024

Company Claims This is the World's First Quick Depth Adjustable Coulter Drill 

By Ryan Ridley

Being the first to do something in the world is impressive. And that is just what Bourgault has done with its new 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drill. caught up with Colin Rush, a sales and marketing leader with Bourgault Industries about what they call the world’s first quick depth adjustable coulter drill. 

The 3725QDA (Quick Depth Adjust) ParaLink Coulter Drill is set to stir up the landscape with its simplified depth adjustment process. 

Traditionally making depth adjustments on coulter drills, especially multi-frame no-till drills, has been a labor-intensive process requiring adjustments to be made row by row. 

“If you were chasing moisture or if you wanted to change crops where you had to change depth, every row unit had to be done independently,” adds Rush. 

This was not only time-consuming but also physically demanding… 

Well, those days are no more. 

Bourgault’s new 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drill addresses these challenges head-on by introducing a system that allows for quick and uniform depth adjustments across the entire machine. 

The key to achieving this is its walking beam axle, which enables the frame of the drill to tip forward or backward, adjusting the depth of all coulter blades simultaneously.  

This mechanism allows for depth adjustments of up to three-quarters of an inch, allowing you to respond swiftly to changing soil conditions or crop needs without the painstaking process of individual row adjustments. 

For example, switching from seeding canola at three-quarters of an inch deep to planting cereal crops at an inch and a half can be achieved effortlessly. This flexibility is essential for those tight planting and seeding windows you experience. 

The introduction of the 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drill not only boosts productivity by minimizing downtime; it also significantly reduces the physical strain on operators. 

The older methods of depth adjustment often required operators to work in cramped conditions under the machinery—a task that becomes increasingly difficult as one ages.  

Borgo’s innovative design is a welcome change, particularly for operators who may find the physical aspects of machine adjustment challenging. 

The 3725QDA ParaLink Coulter Drill not only saves time but also ensures that you can quickly adapt to the agronomic demands of different crops, ultimately leading to better productivity and profitability. 

To learn more about the world’s first quick depth adjustable coulter drill, watch the below video. 

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