Biofuels vs. Batteries - Farmers challenge truck rules

Jun 25, 2024

Farmers team up with oil industry against electric trucks


The National Corn Growers Association and American Farm Bureau Federation joined the oil industry in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They argue the EPA's new emission standards for trucks will be too difficult to meet.

The EPA wants to cut greenhouse gases by encouraging electric trucks. The new rules, effective since last week, aim for over 40% of trucks to be electric by 2032. However, the lawsuit claims the technology isn't ready for large-scale use.

Farmers are also concerned about the impact on their business. They say electric trucks can't travel as far as traditional trucks and take longer to charge. This could slow down deliveries of livestock and perishable crops.

The lawsuit also highlights the EPA's focus on electric vehicles over biofuels like corn ethanol, which farmers say can also reduce emissions.

The fight comes as electric truck use is slowly growing in the US. Registrations rose from 200 in 2021 to 1,600 in 2023. However, concerns remain about the practicality of electric trucks for long-distance hauling.

The outcome of the lawsuit could impact both the environment and the agricultural industry.

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