Alberta open farm days celebrates success and growth

Feb 22, 2024


Alberta's Open Farm Days, an event that bridges the gap between farmers and consumers, marked another year of impressive growth and community engagement in 2023.  

According to Tim Carson, CEO of the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies, the event attracted fewer visitors than the previous year but saw a significant increase in on-farm sales, jumping from $224,000 in 2022 to almost $299,000. This not only reflects a growing consumer trust in Alberta's agriculture but also a deeper appreciation for it. 

The event boasted an expansion in both the number of culinary experiences offered and the diversity of host farms, with about 35% of the 133 participating farms being new entrants. Despite challenges such as flooding and wildfires, the event was on the verge of surpassing its goal of 150 host farms.  

Efforts to enhance the event included the provision of 10 training sessions aimed at assisting farms with early planning and permitting acquisition. 

In addition to the host farms, 10 agricultural societies across Alberta participated, underscoring their crucial role in community support and local food promotion. Feedback from the host farms underscored the importance of direct engagement with consumers, offering insights into farming practices and the significance of agriculture in Alberta. 

With Open Farm Days generating over $1.4 million in on-farm sales since its inception, the event continues to be a vital platform for promoting Alberta agriculture. Looking forward to 2024, registration is already open, with anticipation for another successful year of showcasing the province's agriculture and food sectors.  

Mark your calendars for August 17 and 18 for the 12th annual Alberta Open Farm Days, a testament to the enduring spirit and resilience of Alberta's agricultural community.

Check out the event listings and articles featured in the Agri-News : February 20, 2024. 

For further details, visit: 

Alberta Open Farm Days 

For inquiries, reach out to the Alberta Association of Agricultural Societies: 

Telephone: 780-427-2174  


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