AGI dedicates week to advancing global workplace safety

Apr 24, 2024


Ag Growth International (AGI) is currently celebrating its fourth One AGI Safety Week, a key initiative in the company’s ongoing mission to ensure a zero-harm workplace. This global event, which spans from April 22-26, 2024, emphasizes AGI’s commitment to safety as a foundational business principle. 

This year’s Safety Week theme, “Safer Acts and Safer Conditions,” encourages all employees to actively engage in maintaining and enhancing safety standards. The event features activities that reinforce safety awareness, share best practices, and promote vigilance on the job. 

One highlight of Safety Week is the initiation of the AGI annual Safety Awards. These awards recognize the contributions of employees and teams who demonstrate exceptional adherence to and innovation in safety practices. Award categories include Outstanding Performance, Progress in Safety, and Safety at a Customer Site or Project, with nominations concluding in October. 

AGI also takes this opportunity to acknowledge significant safety milestones achieved by its facilities. This year, several sites were recognized for their impressive safety records, ranging from one to ten years without a lost time incident. Such achievements underscore the effectiveness of AGI’s safety policies and the dedication of its workforce. 

AGI's Safety Week not only celebrates past successes but also sets the stage for future safety initiatives. It exemplifies AGI’s commitment to creating safer work environments across all its locations worldwide, making safety a sustainable and integral part of its organizational ethos.

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