Awards Second Annual U.S. Feed Your Future Scholarship

Dec 19, 2023

Ames, IA – awarded their second U.S. Feed Your Future Scholarship to Conor McCabe, a University of California, Davis student. McCabe is working towards his Ph.D. in the Animal Biology Graduate Group at UC Davis. created the Feed Your Future $1,000 Scholarship to financially assist a post-secondary student studying agriculture or intending to pursue a career in agriculture. is committed to Feeding the World with Talent by supporting education and career opportunities in agriculture and food. 

The application process involved students responding to essay questions, including, “How are you going to do your part in feeding the world with your talent?”

McCabe wrote, “I have a passion to play a role in the large nutrition and food challenges over the next few decades. I have focused my time on building my relationships and technical skills while also creating opportunities for others and giving back to the organizations that helped me get to where I am today. It will take a unified effort to achieve the imposing goals of feeding the world.”

McCabe’s research interests include methane inhibitors for beef and dairy cattle systems and modeling climate neutrality for these sectors. McCabe wants to make a difference by uncovering solutions for farmers that result in improved profitability and efficiency while reducing emissions from agriculture and making a positive climate impact.

“We are entering one of the most challenging and exciting times in agriculture, and I strongly believe that there are plentiful opportunities that will give me the chance to make an impact once I finish my degree,” added McCabe. 

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The mission is to provide global talent solutions in agriculture and food. They strive to “Feed the World with Talent” in the industries they serve.’s passion is agriculture, demonstrated through their investment in time and resources that engage candidates and employers in the industry. They work to build the pipeline of talent to the industry by expanding knowledge about the breadth of career opportunities in agriculture. For more information, visit

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