10 Movies that feature Corn Fields on the Silver Screen

Jul 03, 2023

By Jean-Paul MacDonald

Who knew that corn fields would play an important role in the plot of a movie. But if you review the list below of ten movies that feature Illinois corn in them, think about whether they would be the same without the corn fields.


1. Field of Dreams (1989): Beyond Iowa, scenes featuring Illinois corn fields in DuPage and Will County added to the magic.

2. Children of the Corn (1984): While set in Nebraska, the eerie atmosphere extended to Illinois corn fields in Mendota, LaSalle County.

3. Signs (2002): Crop circles emerged in Illinois corn fields, including those in DeKalb County and Stephenson County.

4. In the Bedroom (2001): Rural settings came alive with captivating scenes amidst Illinois corn fields.

5. Road to Perdition (2002): Illinois corn fields in Geneva, Kane County, enhanced the film's atmospheric visuals.

6. Man of Steel (2013): Superman's Smallville upbringing included corn fields filmed in Plano, Kendall County, Illinois.

7. A Thousand Acres (1997): While set in Iowa, Illinois corn fields in McHenry County showcased the agricultural landscape.

8. A History of Violence (2005): Tension heightened with scenes set in a Downers Grove, DuPage County corn field.

9. The Amityville Horror (2005): Isolated and haunting, the iconic house stood amidst corn fields in Woodstock, McHenry County.

10. Superman (1978): A young Clark Kent showcased his superhuman abilities in a Kansas cornfield filmed in Kankakee, Kankakee County.

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