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An Urgent Message from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture

May 07, 2020

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Video: An Urgent Message from the Canadian Federation of Agriculture

This year, Canadian farmers are facing some very challenging times and they need your help. Farmers in Canada grow food not only for Canadians, but for people all over the world. The majority of food that you purchase contains ingredients from a Canadian farm.

Labour shortages, rising costs, and overall uncertainty caused by COVID-19 are leading to cracks in our food supply system. If we don't get these fixed, we could lose an unprecedented number of farms to bankruptcies. This means rising prices and a lot less choice in your local grocery store.

If we rally together, we can avoid this crisis.

Canadian farmers always work hard. We understand that COVID-19 has stretched government resources. But we NEED the federal government to prioritize supporting Canada's food system. Next to our healthcare system, there is nothing more important.

Please contact your local MP by visiting Tell them that you support Canada's food industry and Canadian farmers. Tell them to lend us a hand so that we can continue to grow and make the food that you and your family expect and enjoy. Thank you!