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Dekalb Planning to Launch 29 New Products for 2024

Apr 26, 2023

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Video: Dekalb Planning to Launch 29 New Products for 2024

DEKALB celebrated a large launch class of new products in 2023, expanding their Smart Stacks-Pro portfolio with a strong focus on rootworm protection. But DEKLAB Brand Manager Jamie Horton said producers will want to check out test plots this year to get a glimpse of an even bigger new product launch for 2024. “For 2024 we've got 29 brand new DEKALB products coming out, six of which will be BT Four-Pro products, which is a new trait,” Horton said. “That'll give us some expanded above-ground protection with Trecepta Technology above ground, and then rootworm protection with RNAi technology below ground.” What about advancements in tar spot control? Horton said DEKALB continues to focus on the challenge backed with Bayer’s full portfolio of products, most notably timely application of Delaro and Delaro Complete fungicides. “But, for DEKALB it really comes back to planting those best genetics for the farm and for your operation, those different soil types, and then certainly protecting