Workbench for those tricky farm projects

Workbench for those tricky farm projects
Nov 24, 2023

Photo Credit: Croc Lock 

Powerful clamping system, foot operation frees up hands 

By Braxten Breen Intern 

Sometimes on a farm, you cannot always work from the convenience of your barn, shop, or tool shed, and there may not always be a stable platform for a farmer to work off. 

Whether it is on-the-go repairs, customization and fabrication of tools or parts, or maintenance of farm infrastructure, farmers need a platform where they can work without having to worry about stability issues.  

Batavia can allow farmers to simply place, lock, and clamp whatever the task is with the Croc Lock.  

Croc Lock is a multifunctional powerful clamping workbench designed for a series of purposes, ranging from farm machinery equipment, wood, metal, fences, etc.  

The Croc Lock has a clamping force of a 2200 lbs with a range of 0 to 3 yards or 95.6 cm, and a working height of 34 inches / 87 cm with a max weight capacity of 550 lbs.  

When it’s time to put it away, the Croc Lock breaks down to 30 inches/80 cm x 30 cm/ 12 inches x 12.5 inches / 32 cm, weighing 42 lbs it is light enough to easily place in and out of a truck bed.  

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