Winter Wheat Benefiting From Spring Rains

Jun 03, 2020

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For the most part, Manitoba's winter wheat crop is coming along nicely.
Ken Gross is an agrologist with Ducks Unlimited.
"So far, we're pretty happy with the fields that we're working with in southwestern Manitoba here," he said. "We had some rains recently and we didn't get those the last two years and so the crop is looking pretty good. There are spots, I know around Selkirk, that haven't got the rains yet and maybe even a touch of the frost, so those ones are not performing quite as well but they're hanging on."
Gross says most of the winter wheat in the southwest is still in the tillering stage (3-5 leaf). Further east the crop is starting to joint.
He notes the recent frost didn't do a lot of damage to the winter wheat, but may have set it back a little bit.
Some regions could use another half inch to an inch of rain.
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