USDA WASDE: Global 2013/14 Rice Supplies Are Raised

Mar 10, 2014

Global 2013/14 rice supplies are raised significantly due to several factors including a supply/use series change for Indonesia, and increased production forecasts for Burma, China, and India. World 2013/14 beginning stocks are forecast at 111.0 million tons, up 4.1 million from last month due mostly to increases for Burma, Indonesia, and India. The Indonesia rice supply/use series was modified beginning in 2010/11 based on lower population statistics from the government of Indonesia that indicated lower annual consumption and a corresponding increase in stocks. The Burma rice production estimates beginning in 2010/11 are raised based on a re-evaluation of the series. Burma’s 2013/14 rice crop is increased 1.0 million tons to a record 12.0 million—largely due to an increase in area harvested. China’s rice 2013/14 production is raised 0.8 million tons to 142.3 million based on official statistics from the government of China. India’s rice production is raised 2.0 million tons to a near-record 105.0- million tons based on a report from the U.S. agricultural office in New Delhi. Additionally, India’s 2012/13 crop is raised 0.8 million to 105.2 million tons—based on data from the government of India. Indonesia’s crop is lowe red 0.3 million tons to 37.4 million due to a decrease in area harvested. Sri Lanka’s 2013/14 rice crop is also lowered 0.3 million tons to
2.75 million tons.

Global 2013/14 rice consumption is raised 0.7 milli on tons to a record 474.0 million tons largely due to increases for Burma and India, partially offset by a decrease for Indonesia and SriLanka. World 2013/14 rice trade is raised slightly due mostly to an increase for Burma. Global 2013/14 ending stocks are projected at 111.7 million tons, up 6.7 million (+6%) from a month ago, and up 0.7 million from revised 2012/13. The in crease in stocks is due mostly to revisions in Burma, China, India, and Indonesia.


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