U.S. Pork: One Industry, One Mission, One Animal

Dec 11, 2023

A simple word comes to mind as we head toward the end of the year and into the holidays — hope. 

Seeing the anticipation, excitement and hope that our youth have for this season of life reminds me of their optimism and zest for the future. 

As pig farmers, we are driven by the desire to pass on our farms to the next generation and leave them better than we found them. This mission involves all of us — past, present and future generations of pig farmers. Together, we create resources and opportunities that support everyone who makes up the pork industry. 

I was humbled to be a keynote speaker for the inaugural Legends and Dreamers Sale and Showpig Summit hosted by showpig.com and sponsored by Pork Checkoff. This kicked off National Pork Board’s official partnership with Showpig and our commitment to the growth and prosperity of the show pig sector. 

This partnership is especially important to me as a show pig producer and a stock show dad to two girls who have gained so much from this sector of the industry. I hope – no, I know – this partnership will equip the future leaders with the knowledge and experiences to create committed advocates for the great pork industry. 

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