TRIBUNE® Nitrogen Stabilizer Now Available in Canada

Jan 23, 2020

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WICHITA, Kan – TRIBUNE® nitrogen stabilizer for UAN from Koch Agronomic Services (Koch), is now available in Canada. With TRIBUNE, growers have a solution that defends against all three forms of nitrogen loss in one convenient formulation.
“The best way to protect nitrogen is to keep it in its stable form longer,” said Dr. Rigas Karamanos, senior agronomist for Koch in Canada. “Research shows that TRIBUNE holds your nitrogen investment in the ammonium form three times longer than without an inhibitor. Growers in Canada using UAN as a nitrogen source will benefit by using TRIBUNE.”
No matter how or when UAN is applied, it can be just as vulnerable to nitrogen loss as many other forms of nitrogen. TRIBUNE features dual active ingredients to protect UAN above and below ground: NBPT and Pronitridine. NBPT, also found in AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabilizer, is the market’s most research-proven urease inhibitor technology to defend against ammonia volatilization. TRIBUNE combines NBPT with Pronitridine, a patented formulation that slows the conversion time of ammonia, protecting nutrients from denitrification and leaching. The increased protection of the dual active ingredients allows TRIBUNE to keep more nitrogen available at the root zone, minimizing potential loss to the environment.
Decades of research provides grower confidence
TRIBUNE’s active ingredients are proven with real-world results. NBPT is backed by more than 25 years of trials on millions of acres around the globe, with the efficacy of Pronitridine supported by a decade of research and field trials.
By blocking the hydrolysis of urea with NBPT and slowing the conversion of ammonium to nitrate with Pronitridine, TRIBUNE can provide significant yield benefits to growers. In a 2018 trial, TRIBUNE produced a 16 bu/ac yield advantage over untreated UAN.
Protecting nutrient investments with sustainable solutions will help growers minimize agriculture-related environmental concerns while maximizing their economic benefits. Using TRIBUNE follows the recommendations of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship framework developed by Fertilizer Canada. Utilizing science-based management practices, growers are able to match nutrient supply with crop requirements. Nitrification inhibitors have shown to minimize nutrient losses from these fields.
Operational benefits for both growers and retailers
Besides protecting nitrogen investments, TRIBUNE provides users with timesaving operational efficiencies.
  • A nonvolatile formulation, TRIBUNE is a true liquid and will not separate or settle out.
  • TRIBUNE provides flexibility to apply your UAN when convenient – it doesn't have to be incorporated within 10 days from the date of fertilizer application.
  • Tank-mix compatible with ammonium thiosulfate and many crop protection chemicals.
Source : Koch Agronomic Services