Testing of African Swine Fever Vaccine in Vietnam Resumes

Oct 17, 2022

Testing of an African Swine Fever vaccine in Vietnam has resumed after it was determined that improper use of the vaccine resulted in the deaths of vaccinated pigs.

The Swine Health information Center's monthly enewsletter reports the Vietnamese government has completed its investigation of an incident in which about 100 of 600 vaccinated pigs died and another 400 reacted negatively to the vaccine.

Dr. Paul Sundberg, the Executive Director of the Swine Health Information Center and a member of the Swine Innovation Porc Coordinated African Swine Fever Research Working Group, says as a result of that investigation testing has resumed.

Clip-Dr. Paul Sundberg-Swine Health Information Center:

The prototype vaccine that USDA developed and has licenced to the company in Vietnam to do further safety and efficacy testing was temporarily suspended from use in Vietnam because there was a report of possible vaccine reaction in a trial on a couple of farms in Vietnam in multiple locations.

There were reports of morbidity and mortalities, reaction to the vaccine and the Vietnamese government suspended use of the vaccine while they could investigate those reports.Subsequently what they decided was that the vaccine was used in a manner that was not consistent with what was on the label.

It was used in pigs of different ages and also apparently with different types of vaccination or application protocols.They have investigated that and decided that they could continue to use the vaccine.That's good news.
We can get more information about the safety and efficacy of this vaccine prototype then, as they broaden the use in Vietnam after they've done that investigation.

 Dr. Sundberg says it's important to get this vaccine out into a controlled atmosphere in the countryside to do wider vaccination and it appears the Vietnamese government has been satisfied that that vaccine can be used more broadly in the country.

Source : Farmscape.ca
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