Syngenta vegetable seed company brands united as one Syngenta brand

May 23, 2012

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Greensboro, N.C., May 22, 2012 – Syngenta announced today that, during the 2012 calendar year, ROGERS®, Synergene Seed® & Technology and Pybas® Vegetable Seed Company brand varieties are being transitioned to the Syngenta brand.  The strengthened brand approach matches well with the recent integration of its crop protection, seed care, seeds and traits businesses into one Syngenta.

The transition to one brand is intended to leverage the power of the Syngenta brand as an R&D innovator and leader in breeding, and eliminate market confusion from multiple brands.

In 2011, Syngenta closely evaluated how to best meet the needs of its customers from a total farm approach and the outcome was an aligned company structure that combines the broadest technology offerings available focused on the crop rather than individual product segments. The integration of the three brands into the Syngenta brand is one of many efforts underway to effectively present one Syngenta – both in word and action – to Syngenta customers.

“Although the ROGERS, Synergene and Pybas logos and names will no longer appear on packaging and materials, Syngenta remains committed to delivering the same proven quality and performance in its varieties that you’ve come to know and trust for more than 135 years,” said Scott Langkamp, head of Vegetables for Syngenta in North America. “Moreover, the rich history and strong reputation of ROGERS brand will be fully integrated as a significant component of and enhancement to the Syngenta brand.”

Syngenta will also continue to incorporate the broad range of proprietary germplasm and excellent breeding and production capabilities that both Synergene and Pybas have brought to its lettuce offerings.

Syngenta foresees a one-year sellout period for packaging branded with the legacy company labels. During this transition period, all brands will be active in the market.



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