SWEET CORN: Great crop, great price, great taste

Sep 05, 2023

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY — The cornfields are towering lush and tall around the region, so it’s no surprise that sweet corn producers have also been seeing — and reaping — a great crop this season.

“Come September, people think sweetcorn is over, but it’s not and we still have lots,” Dentz Orchards & Berry Farm co-owner Cathy Dentz said. “The sweet corn is best at this time of year, sort of late summer and early fall,” she added.

Like most serious sweet corn producers, the Iroquois-based operation seeds new rows of corn every two weeks to ensure a steady supply of ready-to-eat corn as the season progresses. They also pick daily, early in the morning, when the product is sweetest, and bring it straight to the cooler for sale that same day at the farm store.

“It’s been a great season. I’ve never seen the corn so high,” said Dentz, whose farm sells sweet corn at $10 a dozen, the same as last year. She pointed out that unmanned roadside stands may offer corn at a lower price, but without the same guarantee of freshness.

In Prince Edward County, the sweet corn crop was also doing well at Campbell’s Orchard & Country Market, where it sells for $8/dozen.

“It’s some of the best sweet corn we’ve ever had. We have lots and lots of sweet corn,” owner Colin Campbell said. “If only we could keep the coyotes out of it. “They’ve eaten I don’t know how many hundred dozen corn.”

Source : Farmersforum
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