CFIA provides Sask. bovine TB update

CFIA provides Sask. bovine TB update
Sep 05, 2023

One infected herd has been humanely depopulated

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Following the discovery of bovine tuberculosis (bovine TB) in a Saskatchewan cattle herd in June, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) updated Canadians on its investigation.

In total, testing uncovered 10 confirmed cases of bovine TB in the herd, and that herd has been humanely depopulated, the Aug. 25 update says.

“Confirmatory laboratory tissue testing is ongoing.”

In addition to the infected herd, there’s also one life line herd.

A life line herd is a herd traced from an infected animal in the original infected herd.

“The one life line herd has been released from quarantine based on negative results from laboratory testing to date,” the CFIA says.

There is also one contact herd and two trace-in herds.

A contact herd is a herd that may have co-mingled with the infected herd.

Testing on the contact herd will continue into the fall.

A trace-in herd is a herd that has provided animals to the infected herd.

Testing is complete on one trace-in herd, and testing on the other will finish after summer grazing ends, the CFIA’s update reads.

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