SWAT MAPS and Combyne Bridge Soil Management and Crop Marketing Sectors with New Integration

Sep 24, 2021

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Naicam, Saskatchewan, Canada – Croptimistic Technology Inc. (Croptimistic) and Combyne Ag (Combyne; Ottawa, ON, Canada) are pleased to announce their partnership. On Wednesday, September 29 at 9:00 am (CST), SWAT MAPS and Combyne will be launching their integration. Farmers will be rewarded for using SWAT MAPS to significantly reduce their environmental impact on the soil, water, and air. Across North America, farmers have been unlocking their soil potential on millions of acres with SWAT MAPS and thousands of farmers have also been using Combyne to get the conversation started with their grain buyers to confirm deals. For the first time ever, farmers will be able to show buyers their digital soil management practices on an offer to buyers with the click of a button. Register to learn more today at www.swatmaps.com/register.

“Partnering with Combyne was a great fit for us,” says Cory Willness, CEO of Croptimistic. "Both companies are focused on championing farmers and their business. We agree that it is key that farmers own and control their data. We are both working hard to help farmers maximize their profitability, at the soil and field level, and at the grain marketing level. SWAT MAPS enabled farmers are improving their profitability on crop production input applications while reducing their environmental impacts. We saw an opportunity to reward them for it and are excited to launch our integration with Combyne.”

“Combyne and Croptimistic are strongly aligned in their missions to build farmer centric tools and solutions. Combyne is purposely built to tie together the information farmers need to secure optimal crop marketing outcomes, not to mention save them time typing. This includes helping farmers efficiently tell buyers important quality information and production history of their crop. We are thrilled to launch our Combyne Connect partner initiative with a reputable partner like SWAT MAPS. We look forward to working with additional solution providers in grain inventory, farm management, grain testing and precision agriculture to help achieve our mission of helping farmers Optimize the Value of Every Bushel.” says Alain Goubau, CEO of Combyne Ag.

Registration to attend this exciting new partnership and program announcement on Wednesday, September 29 at 9:00 am (CST) is now open! Register today (www.swatmaps.com/register) to learn about this groundbreaking partnership and what it means for farmers and buyers.

Source : swatmaps

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