Steiger & Magnum Rowtrac Tractors: More Traction, Less Compaction

Steiger & Magnum Rowtrac Tractors: More Traction, Less Compaction
Nov 26, 2019

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For more than two decades tracked tractors have been providing agronomic, traction and performance advantages for producers. They have played an integral part in production agriculture. During this time Case IH has earned a position of leadership and innovation by focusing on customer needs, as well as developing industry leading products like the Quadtrac® and more recently the Steiger™ and Magnum™ Rowtrac™ tractors. No matter the region or season, Case IH has a full range of tractor options to maximize productivity, yield, and the bottom line − sometimes less can be more.

The efficiency model for most row crop producers demands a blend of high-speed planting and tillage, with proven agronomic practices.  Putting producers and their needs first, Case IH developed the Rowtrac series tractors. The result is a line of tractors that meets the diverse needs of row crop operations.

Available in Steiger articulated frame 420, 470 and 500 HP and AFS Connect Magnum fixed frame 340, 380 and 400 HP models. Depending on the model, most offer a choice of PowerDrive or CVXDrive™ transmissions.   From field prep to harvesting, Magnum and Steiger Rowtrac series tractors are designed from the ground up to fit your operation and provide value and performance.

Performance benefits integrated in every Steiger and Magnum Rowtrac tractor include:

  • Four points of contact to maintain constant power to the ground no matter the terrain or field condition
  • Tractive capability that is unmatched in all conditions but, especially in those less than optimal
  • Virtually no soil berming or disturbance in turns
  • Maneuverability and handling like a wheeled tractor
  • Unrivalled road and field operator ride quality
  • 25 mph (40 km/hr) unrestricted road travel speed


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