Senecavirus A (Seneca Valley Virus) in Swine – Breeding Herd Cases

Sep 03, 2015

In the past couple of weeks, cases of Senecavirus A (Seneca Valley Virus) have been reported in multiple breeding herds in the upper Midwest. Foreign animal disease investigations continue to show the pigs are negative to FMDV, but positive to Senecavirus A. Other vesicular diseases such as swine vesicular disease, vesicular exanthema of swine and vesicular stomatitis, have been ruled out as well. Lesions on the snout and coronary band/hoof lesions will be seen on the breeding females and boars. There appears to be a short term (4-10 days) increase in mortality in neonatal piglets (less than 7 days) that may or may not have diarrhea associated with it. It is usually upon investigation of the increase in neonatal mortality, that the vesicular lesions in the breeding age animals are noted. ISU Researchers and diagnosticians have provided an updated report on the breeding herd cases of Seneca Valley Virus.

Source: AASV

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