SaskPower urges farmers to “look up and live” during harvest

Aug 24, 2022

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. — According to SaskPower, they reliably see an increase in collisions with power poles and lines at two points during the year: in the early spring when seeding begins and in the late summer and early fall during harvest.

As harvest begins, SaskPower is reminding farmers to look up and be aware of the location of power lines and poles near their property.

A vehicle crashing into a power pole caused a fire and an outage in the Yorkton area just last night, so the warning seems timely.

“You have more farmers and producers and hired hands, employees and so on, out in the fields either seeding or harvesting,” said SaskPower spokesperson, Scott McGregor. “So it stands to reason you would see an increase in line contacts

In their release earlier today, SaskPower pointed out that, as of Aug. 7, there had been 186 incidents involving farm machinery so far this year. Any one of those incidents could’ve turned deadly.

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