Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium Offers Opportunity for Pork Producers to Interact with Researchers

Nov 10, 2023

Among the highlights of this year's Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium will be an opportunity for pork producers to interact with some of the young scientists who are conducting research on their behalf.

Five undergrad, graduate students and post docs will be presenting highlights of their research as part of Saskatchewan Pork Industry Symposium 2023, underway today and tomorrow in Saskatoon.

Dr. Dan Columbus, a research scientist nutrition with the Prairie Swine Centre, says this is research that is being done in Saskatchewan and has been funded at least in part by producers and industry within the province and the Graduate Students Research Highlights portion of the program, is an opportunity for producers to see where their money is going.

Quote-Dr. Dan Columbus-Prairie Swine Centre:

The information is presented first as abstracts and then, during symposium, three of those abstracts are chosen to highlight their presentations in an oral type format and then everybody else is presenting as a poster format that will be available on the mezzanine in the symposium.It's part of their graduate training and it gives them the opportunity to present their research, which a lot of them want to be able to do in general because they are excited about.
But it is also a requirement for a lot of the programs that they do present so it gives them a nice local opportunity in order to do that and also to hone their skills on making that message a little more industry friendly which is something that in academia a lot of times we forget.
So, this is a good opportunity for that.

On the other side of it, it is a competition at the end of the day so, when the students are up there and they're presenting, there is the opportunity for them to win a prize if the judges do select that they are the best oral or poster presentation, depending on the format that they're presenting in.

Dr. Columbus notes these are the people who are coming up through the system and will eventually be the researchers, coworkers and business representatives that everybody within the industry will be working with in the future.

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