Saskatchewan invests in agricultural equipment manufacturing mobile skills lab

Apr 19, 2024

The Government of Saskatchewan has announced a $300,000 investment into Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) to create a mobile, virtual-reality skills lab.

The mobile skills lab will visit school campuses and community events across Saskatchewan to promote career opportunities within the agricultural manufacturing industry. This investment will allow individuals to fully experience what an in-demand career in the industry looks like through the assistance of virtual reality.

The mobile skills lab will travel across the province this summer and promote agricultural manufacturing industry careers to students, parents, teachers and communities. In addition to growing the workforce, the mobile skills lab will showcase professional development opportunities to those already working in the agricultural manufacturing industry.

“Our industry has seen exponential growth and the demand for talent is unprecedented,” AMC President Donna Boyd said. “A career in agriculture offers the opportunity to be one of the most successful industries in Canada—one which protects the environment, ensures global food security and fuels the future of food through innovation. AMC is directly addressing the needs of our members and our industry through the Careers in Ag initiative and we are proud that the Government of Saskatchewan supports the quest to attract and incentivize people into our sector through the investment in our Mobile Skills Lab.”

Over the past five years, Saskatchewan’s agriculture manufacturing exports have increased by 129 per cent, from $364.2 million in 2019, to an all-time high of $853 million in 2023.

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