RM's calling for tax relief at the gas pump

Jun 07, 2022

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Rising fuel costs are putting RMs in a financial pinch

Ray Orb, President of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities says the increase in gas prices is having a big impact on RM's as they try to maintain roads with heavy equipment that use substantial amounts of fuel.

"The cost of fuel has never been higher, and the ripple effect of high prices is exceptionally frustrating for rural municipalities, the increased cost of fuel directly impacts a municipalities' day-to-day operations as well as their budgets."

He notes an additional concern is that contracted jobs like road construction, gravel haulers, etc are now coming back to RM's trying to recoup their increased fuel costs through surcharges tied to cost escalation. 

SARM is lobbying the Province and Ottawa to take action by providing tax relief at the gas pumps, something that is already being done in Alberta.

The topic is just one of many being discussed this week during SARM district meetings.

Other key issues remain the drought, rural crime, rural healthcare, broadband issues, agricultural drainage and more. 

Monday's meeting was held in North Battleford, Tuesday meetings are set for Division 2 in Moose Jaw and Division 3 in Swift Current, Wednesday's meeting for Division 1 is in Kipling, Thursday is the Division 4 meeting in Kelvington.

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