Replenish Nutrients receives over $162K

Sep 27, 2022

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EarthRenew and its subsidiary, Replenish Nutrients, are pleased to announce it has been awarded over $162,000 non-dilutive funding from Canadian Agriculture Partnership’s (CAP) Value-Added Program.

The CAP is a five-year, $3 billion Federal-Provincial-Territorial investment in the agriculture sector that started in April 2018. It represents a Federal-Provincial-Territorial investment of $406 million in strategic Alberta-based programs and initiatives for the sector.

Replenish Nutrients is an agritech company producing regenerative fertilizer solutions to support farms and farmers by putting healthy soil and grower profitability front and centre.

The company combines Canadian-sourced nutrients with its proprietary delivery system, to develop a sustainable alternative to synthetic fertilizers that enhances overall soil function and biology while providing valuable plant-available nutrients farmers rely upon for healthy crops.

The CAP award supports Replenish Nutrients’ process design and improvement, engineering, and equipment at its Beiseker site.

It will increase the number of blending sites from two to seven and move those sites closer to help support gross margins by reducing transportation and handling costs.

This will also help the Replenish Nutrients’ meet the enhanced demand for fertilizers coming this season as it moves towards its target of 200 per cent year over year sales growth.

The next move for Replenish Nutrients is to expand its business beyond Western Canada.

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