Put politics aside and move forward with drought support, urge Canada’s grain growers

Jul 23, 2021

Ottawa, Ontario - In light of the devastating drought and its impact on grain farmers across the country, the Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) would like to thank Minister Bibeau for invoking the late participation provision for AgriStability. The announcement was made yesterday during the Minister’s tour of hard-hit areas in Manitoba.

“We are very grateful for yesterday’s announcement,” said GGC Chair Andre Harpe from his farm in Valhalla Centre, AB. “Right now, AgriStability is the only program that can offer some meaningful support to Canada’s grain farmers, many of whom are facing a devastating impact from this year’s drought.”

As a result of yesterday’s announcement, farmers and ranchers who have not yet enrolled in AgriStability can still access program support, provided the provinces invoke the late participation provision – which remains a critical measure to support Canada’s grain farmers. However, farmers will still not feel the full effects of these measures until the compensation rate for the program is increased from 70 to 80 per cent, a move which will rely on cost-sharing with the individual provinces and territories.

GGC has reiterated that while the provinces do face unique fiscal challenges, an investment in agriculture is more than worth it to support rural communities and the food security of all Canadians.

“This is a time where we must come together.” Harpe added. “We need everyone at the table to avoid playing politics and act quickly to provide an actionable and accessible support system for farmers.”

Source : GGC
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