Pulmotil® AC (tilmicosin phosphate) for respiratory disease control in swine now approved

Mar 18, 2014

GREENFIELD, Ind. — Pulmotil AC, an aqueous concentrate formulation for controlling swine respiratory disease associated with Pasteurella multocida and Haemophilus parasuis in groups of swine in buildings where a respiratory disease outbreak is diagnosed, is now approved. Veterinarians who treat swine can begin prescribing the medication in April when the product is available. 

As a liquid concentrate, Pulmotil AC works fast. There’s no need to formulate new rations or wait for bins to empty. Nor is flushing or sequencing required.

It’s cost-effective as well, eliminating labor costs associated with injectable treatments.*

“The effectiveness of Pulmotil is well-established,” said Dr. Tom Marsteller, Director of Technical Services for Elanco. “This new liquid option for groups of swine in buildings where a respiratory disease outbreak has been diagnosed should prove advantageous because it gets the medication to the right pigs at the right time and it provides flexibility to veterinarians and clients."

Swine respiratory disease, often seasonal in nature, is prevalent in all swine-producing areas.1  It can cause uneven growth, decreased feed efficiency and may contribute to fewer Full Value Pigs™2

Source: Elanco

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