Provincial Ex GM Set To Retire At The End Of June

Jun 19, 2020
Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba General Manager Ron Kristjansson has decided to retire after almost six years in the position.
He'll be stepping down at the end of June.
"It was a decision I made early in the winter chatting with my wife and my family at Christmas and New Year's," said Kristjansson. "I just felt I'd got to a place where I was maybe ready to step back and let somebody else move into management position here at the Exhibition."
Kristjansson talked about what he'll miss most.
"Just going to the fair, seeing the traditions, seeing the happy families," he commented. "We've got generations that are coming as exhibitors, as fair goers that just come and enjoy it and they come because their grandparents brought them or they bring their kids because their grandparents brought them. We're four or five generations in. The Exhibition has been around since 1882, as long as the city of Brandon has been here."
Kristjansson he says at this point, the Provincial Ex is cautiously optimistic that the Manitoba AgEx cattle show will take place in Brandon in October. However, they've made the difficult decision to cancel the rodeo and horse show portion.
Both the winter and summer fairs have been cancelled due to COVID-19.
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