Progressive Planet to Receive Glass from Recycle BC to Produce CleanTech Additive that Dramatically Reduces CO2 Footprint of the Cement Industry

Mar 09, 2023

KAMLOOPS, BC, March 9, 2023 /CNW/ - Progressive Planet (TSXV: PLAN) (OTCQB: ASHXF) ("Progressive Planet", "PLAN", or the "Company"), which creates CleanTech innovations from its C-Quester™ Centre of Sustainable Innovation, has reached an agreement with Recycle BC for a steady supply of post-consumer glass for the manufacture of a new ingredient to dramatically reduce CO2 emissions from cement.

The recycled glass will be used to make PozGlass 100G ("PozGlass") at Progressive Planet's PozGlass Pilot Plant, which will begin construction in 2023. PozGlass is a replacement for Portland cement and fly ash from coal plants, which are now used in concrete and release large amounts of CO2 in the manufacturing process.

The cement industry currently emits more than 8 percent of global CO2. When PozGlass is used at a cement plant, it is expected to dramatically reduce emissions by sequestering CO2 and being mixed with Portland cement at up to a 50% ratio.

"This initiative aligns with our organization's vision to inspire and accelerate innovation in recycling technology," says Sam Baker, Western Canada Director - Post Collection and Material Regeneration at Recycle BC.

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