Producers Given More Time to Seek Grain Quality Determinations

Oct 04, 2022

Canadian grain producers will now have more time to seek a final determination from the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) in the event of a grain grading dispute with their primary elevator. 

Producers can now ask that a sample of their grain delivery be sent to the CGC for a final quality determination for up to seven calendar days after the date of their grain delivery, the CGC said in a release Tuesday. Further, farmers will be able to request a quality determination, even if they are not present at the time of delivery. 

When producers deliver grain to a licensed primary elevator, their grain is assessed by the receiving elevator for grade and dockage. As indicators of the grain’s quality and cleanliness, grade and dockage are factors in determining the payment value of the grain delivery. If the producer disagrees with the elevator’s assessment, they have the right to request that the sample be assessed by the CGC for an independent, binding decision.

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