Proactivity Can Increase Mill Efficiency For Long-Term

Apr 01, 2014

"There is no best time for a feed mill machinery breakdown to occur. But , if you could predict when a failure is going to occur, what would you do? , ” asked Phil Sisler , feed mill m anager with Perdue Farms, during in his presentation, The Importance of a PM Program , at the 2014 Feed Mill Man agement Seminar in Nashville, Tenn. , sponsored by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Sisler discussed the evolution of the maintenance process thro ughout the years, from reactive maintenance to integrated maintenance , and implored managers to find out where their mill facilities may fall in that process . On one end of the spectrum, he explained, is a complete lack of a PM program and on the other end is predictive maintenance, which is ideal.

Garrett Rea, program m anager with Tennessee OSHA Consultative Services provided a Safety/OSHA Update. He noted the ten commonly found hazards in feed mills, which included combustible materials, falls and elect rical hazards. He also reminded feed mill managers to ensure that temporary contractors and internal staff know and are following the same rules.

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