Poultry Processor Workshop To Focus On Management Techniques For Increased Plant Efficiencies

Mar 19, 2014

Plant managers are constantly seeking efficient ways to achieve the most produ ctivity from their plants. The 2014 Poultry Processor Workshop will provide the necessary tools to help them do just that by providing information ab out the New USDA Inspection Rule and Impact o n Poultry Processing, Water Conservation, Energy Alternatives and Raw Parts Interventions for Reducing Contamination. Sponsored by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, this year's conference will be held May 14 - 15, a t the Embassy Suites Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Ga.

Other topics include:

F S M A Proposed Rule on Animal Foods and Feeds: Rule Overview/Sanitary Transport/Processing Finished Pro duct and Rendered Finish Product; Animal Welfare Guidelines; Allergen Testing/Labeling Requirements; Air Balancing: Condensation Issues and Equipment for Improvement; Equipment Design: Team Member Safety and New Design for Improved Product Safety; Energy Alternatives: Cost Saving Analysis, Litter for Energy Use, and Methane Gas Use for B oiler s ; and Salmonella Serotypes as Adulterants in Ground Poultry.

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