Pork Producers Join the #RealPigFarming Mission

Sep 10, 2014


Consumers continue to have questions about how pigs are raised, and no one knows the answers better than pork producers. The Pork Checkoff’s new social media outreach program is helping real farmers share real stories with consumers through #RealPigFarming.

“We want to empower producers to have meaningful, impactful conversations on social media with consumers about what happens on their farms,” said Claire Masker, public relations manager for the Checkoff. “The hashtag (#) before Real Pig Farming helps people search social media posts with the same phrase, making it easier for them to follow conversations.”

Social Forces Enlisted
A team of social media agvocates, dubbed the Social Forces, were selected to speak up for pork online. Members include pork producers, university students and allied industry representatives from across the country.

The Checkoff provided training on various social media platforms and talking points on major pork industry topics to help participants actively engage consumers.

“It’s important for me to be active on social media to talk about modern pork production,” said Channing Gooden a pork producer from Elizabethtown, N.C., and a Social Forces team member. “Showing consumers what we do every day in our barns can help answer questions people may have about how we raise pigs.”

Wanda Patsche, a Welcome, Minn., pork producer, also is excited about this opportunity.
“Choosing to tell the story of #RealPigFarming through social networks helps bring consumers and pig farmers together in a way that wasn’t possible just a few years ago,” Patsche said. “Through online images and videos, we can tell our story in many different ways.”
Join the Conversation

”We encourage everyone who has a passion for agriculture or a positive story to share about real pig farming to use the #RealPigFarming in status updates, tweets, Instagram photos, blogs, vlogs and other social media updates,” Masker said.

Visit www.facebook.com/RealPigFarming, or follow @RealPigFarming on Twitter for more details.

Source: Pork Checkoff

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