Pork Act Delegate Meeting: Two Industry Advisements Passed

Mar 20, 2023

1. Encourage U.S. SHIP Enrollment

Iowa Pork Producers Association and Minnesota Pork Board introduced an advisement that NPB should encourage pork producers to enroll in U.S. SHIP and utilize AgView and Secure Pork Supply to comply with U.S. SHIP biosecurity and traceability standards.

In 2022, NPB invested nearly $1 million to support the program, including the development of tools to verify voluntary compliance with U.S. SHIP standards. Around 40% of the U.S. breeding herd and growing pigs across 31 states have been enrolled in U.S. SHIP to date. The pilot program is on an expedited path toward becoming a USDA program by 2024.

2. Develop Nutrition Tools to Isolate Pork from Red Meat Categories

The Iowa Pork Producers Association brought forward a second advisement encouraging NPB to develop and test new food frequency questionnaires and dietary evaluation tools that clearly isolate pork from red meat categories, to better understand the impacts of pork on nutrition and health outcomes.

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