Popular Saskatoon crop show shortens format starting in 2024

Dec 07, 2023

The Western Canadian Crop Production Show organizers are making some changes in 2024.

The next month’s trade show will move from a three and a half day format to three days Jan. 9, Jan. 10, and Jan. 11.

In the past, the show held at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, Sask. would have started Monday afternoon.

Prairieland Park Agriculture Manager Leigh Ann Hurlburt said it is something exhibitors have been asking for for awhile.

“Sometimes we have to embrace change and our exhibitors have been requesting it for quite a long time. For them, that extra half day is a big deal,” Hurlburt said. “We want to work with all of our exhibitors and try to make the show a great one for everyone.”

Hurlburt said it means most exhibitors won’t be moving in until the Monday prior to the event instead of the weekend before.

“It just gave them a little bit less staffing on the weekends, that kind of thing, and a little less on some of the other costs that are associated with staying in Saskatoon for a trade show,” she said.

While many exhibitors are local, several come from out of town. Hurlburt said it was easier for them to get flights in on Monday.

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