Ontario Energy Association Supports Expansion of CDM Funding

Oct 04, 2022

TORONTO,- The Ontario Energy Association (OEA) commends the Government of Ontario for increasing funding for the province's energy-efficiency programs.

"We applaud the government for moving to expand provincial conservation and demand management (CDM) programs, which are the most cost-effective way to meet both electricity system needs and emission reductions objectives," said Vince Brescia, President and CEO of the OEA.

The OEA's is also pleased that today's announcement includes enhancements to the Local Initiatives Program (LIP) to reduce barriers to participation and to add flexibility for incentives for DER solutions. The OEA believes reducing barriers to LIP participation can help unlock the potential of energy services providers, including local distribution companies (LDCs), to help fill CDM program gaps and alleviate Ontario's currently forecast 2025 energy and capacity shortfalls.

"We thank the government for being responsive to advice from the sector and choosing a policy that reduces red tape and helps take advantage of the strong relationships that LDCs and energy services companies have with their customers" said Brescia.

OEA members are eager to assist the Government of Ontario and the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) in making sure that the new and expanded CDM programs will be available to eligible electricity customers beginning in Spring 2023.

Source : Newswire.ca
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