On The Road: Cereals & Grains 23

Dec 06, 2023

Pulse Canada's Director of Quality & Processing, Janelle Carlin, participated in the Cereals & Grains 23 conference hosted in Chicago last month by the Cereals and Grains Association. During Janelle’s visit, she connected with leading cereal chemists, joined technical sessions and committee meetings, viewed posters, and heard from keynotes on the role of processed grains foods in healthy diets. The conference was an insightful and collaborative platform joining together cereal and grain chemists, millers, academics, and food manufacturers.

One of the key highlights of the conference was the opportunity to make strategic connections that foster innovation and advancements in cereal, grains and pulse research. The conference provided Janelle with an opportunity to connect with experts in cereal chemistry, share insights, and establish collaborative networks within the industry.

The technical sessions and poster presentations at the conference offered a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities. Attendees were able to delve into cutting-edge research, explore emerging trends, and gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in cereal chemistry. The Pulse Technical Committee also held a meeting during the event, which discussed the opportunities to develop standardized analytical methods for evaluating pulses and pulse ingredients. Janelle has and will continue to be engaged in this committee as they continue to meet throughout the year.

Pulse Canada's involvement in a collaborative Mitacs research agreement with Yongfeng Ai’s laboratory team at the University of Saskatchewan and PerkinElmer (Perten Instruments) was also featured in the conference. Yikai Ren, had the opportunity to present some of the findings from their ongoing research, which focused on evaluating the effects of milling sieve size on thermal and pasting properties of pulse flours. This presentation contributed valuable on the significance of differences in particle size as a resulting of sieve size and its influence on the potential end-use applicability of pulse flours.

Overall, the Cereal & Grains 23 conference proved to be an insightful, collaborative, and educational platform, and Pulse Canada left with a wealth of knowledge and strengthened industry connections.

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