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Nov 05, 2012

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University of Guelph Crop 4240 (Weed Science) Assignment

University of Guelph students in Crop 4240 (Weed Science), were given an assignment to produce a short video that clearly illustrated how to identify 6 common weeds in field crop production, why they are considered bad and how to manage them in a crop of their choice. All of these videos can be viewed by going to

Lambs Quarters:
Kim Hooey, Kaye McLagan, Leo Droogendyk, Morgan Kluka and Annemarie Van Wely 

Greta Haupt, David Muller, Jaclyn Pynenburg, Dan Packer, Adam Ross and Ashley Knapton 

Eastern Black Nightshade:
Jenna MacDougall, Lydia Harrison, Michael Sharman, Kyle Craven, Peter Christie and Ashley Knapton

Matt Underwood, Stuart Vermeulen, Matt Smyth, Josh Burrow, Christine Littlejohn and Natalie Renkema 

Common ragweed:
Scott Koornneef, Michelle Arseneault, Neil McGregor, Dan Inksetter, John Wynands and Dave Schouten

Giant ragweed:
Chris Budd, Jody Hamers, Travis Riddell, Nick Van Schaik, Blake McKellar and Meghann Sandham

Source: OMAFRA

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