Oklahoma boosts pork Industry's disease defense with drill

Aug 22, 2023

Ensuring the safety and health of the hog industry, Oklahoma recently embarked on an immersive exercise. Over a span of four days, the state simulated a real-world scenario of a foreign animal disease outbreak, preparing participants for challenges like African Swine Fever. 

The exercise was set in the real-world environment of a working hog production site, courtesy of the HANOR Company. The first part of the exercise was about reporting a made-up disease. After that, they planned how to kindly handle the affected animals and safely get rid of their bodies. 

This initiative was a collective effort, with entities like The HANOR Company, the Oklahoma Pork Council, the USDA, and several others coming together. Notably, expertise wasn't confined to state lines. Texas health officials and renowned SME Dr. Andrew Bowman from Ohio State University were among the contributors. 

The end of the exercise showed them putting strong safety measures into action, biosecurity, and related measures, mimicking the procedures of a genuine disease breakout. Feedback is still being prepared, but things look good so far. The Oklahoma Pork Council thinks hands-on practices like this help local pork producers learn how to handle real-life problems. 

Source : wisconsinagconnection
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